Jodie & Paul – Devonshire Fell Wedding

Devonshire Fell from Burnsall village

Jodie and Paul decided that The Devonshire Fell, a stunning venue in the picturesque village of Burnsall, was the perfect place for them to get married.

I have fond memories of visiting Burnsall with my family when I was younger. We used to spend all day by the river with a barbeque. This meant I was super excited to photograph a wedding here knowing how beautiful the village was.

As the whole day was at their chosen venue, I set off to the Devonshire Fell bright and early for bridal prep with Jodie. Paul arrived shortly afterwards and I took the groomsmen into the village for a few photos before the ceremony. After a few photos I could tell the guys weren’t enjoying themselves so I asked what would make them happy. And they all replied “A pint!” So we went to the local pub instead and the photos were much more relaxed.

The ceremony was beautiful and intimate. Jodie had three gorgeous flower girls.

After a quick glass of champagne I whisked the couple off from some lovely intimate shots around the village. Then we headed back for a fun group shot in the Devonshire Fell’s beautiful garden.

The speeches were hilarious. The best man even gifted Paul with a sword! That took the cutting of the cake to a whole new level of dangerous.


Flower girl dresses
Red glitter wedding shoes
Nervous bride getting ready
Groomsmen in Burnsall village
Pre wedding drink
Groomsmen outside the Devonshire Fell
Flowergirls see the bride
Groom seeing bride for first time
Wedding ceremony at the Devonshire Fell
Bride and groom exchange rings
Bride and groom first kiss
Bride and groom sign the register
Bride and groom at Burnsall bridge
Bride and groom on a bench
Bride and groom
Flower girls at the Devonshire Fell
Guests throw confetti over bride and groom
Wedding party at Devonshire Fell
Bride and groom kissing
Bride and groom playfighting
Bride and groom individual portraits
Groom pulling a face at the bride
Bride and groom on bridge in Burnsall
Best man gives groom a sword
Wedding speeches
Alice in wonderland inspired cupcakes
Bride and groom cutting wedding cake
Flower girls dancing with bride and groom